Do you know how many volcanoes exist in Greece? Well there are 39 volcanoes!!!

Chios Island: Antistrobila and commercial Area

Limnos Island: The volcanic island of Hephaestus

Milos Island: Volcano Fyriplakas, with a height of 220 m and a diameter of 1700 m

Nisyros Island: One of the largest Calderas in the world, with a height of 650 m and diameter 3 km

Santorini Island: Has the world's largest Caldera!!! with a height of 300 m and a diameter of 10 km

Skyros Island: Volcano "Mbares" and the smallest Islands of Psathouras and Psathouropoulas

Methana: 417m Height and a diameter of 150 m

North Evia: Many small volcanoes...

(Maliakos Gulf, Pagasitic Gulf, Bay St. George, Orio, Metohi, Lichada, Oxilithos and elsewhere)

Edessa: Region Almopia, many small volcanoes.

Evros: Region Ferron-Sappon, many small volcanoes

Thebes: Between Velestino and Almiros

The Volcanoes Of The Aegean

The geographic space of the Aegean is one of the most earthquake-prone regions of the Earth which geological changes (occurring at regular intervals), are intense and continuous. The area of the Aegean Sea formed in the last 23 million years, during the most recent geological period. The volcanic arc of South Aegean includes volcanoes in Soussaki (Krommyonias), Methana, Poros, Milos, Santorini and Nisyros. All these volcanic centres are distributed along a band width of a few tens of kilometres and a length of 450 kilometres, which begins from the isthmus of Corinth and ends up on the island of Nisyros. Along the arc there are only three active volcanoes Santorini, Nisyros with significant volcanic activity, and Methana which is not in action.

The Volcano Of Santorini

The eruption of Santorini in 1650 BC was one of the largest in the last 10,000 years. The magma that was bounced about 30 cubic kilometres. The ash covered a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean and Turkey. Possible, the eruption was the cause for the end of the Minoan civilisation in Crete. The island has become one of transitions complex volcanoes. There have been at least 12 large powerful eruptions in the last 200,000 years in the island. The Cape is a Minoan city in the South and came "to light" from archaeological investigations. At about 1-2 meters of ash covered the city which had a population of about 30,000 inhabitants. It appears from the evidence that residents had successfully evacuate the city before the explosion, owing to the fact that no human body could not be found in the ash. Archaeologists also say that whatever object could take from the houses, they transfer them. Eleven eruptions occurred up to 197 BC, on these two islands, Santorini and New Kameni. The most recent eruption of Santorini was in 1950, in the New Kameni.

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